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Hello Everyone! Welcome to our class site.  I will do my best to keep this as updated as possible and hope you find the links beneficial.   I look forward to continue working with your kids and helping them achieve all their academic goals.  

The 2019-2020 school year is my second year teaching at Florence-Carlton Elementary.  I currently job share with Mrs. Dobb which means I work Thursdays and Fridays and she teaches Monday-Wednesday.  I have enjoyed working with the entire team here at Florence and can't wait to work with everyone again this year.  I have taught in several locations throughout the valley and love the community feel that Florence has.  I earned my Bachelor's degree in elementary education at the University of Montana in 2008.

A little background history on myself, while attending the university I worked for the Space Grant Consortium where I was able to travel to different schools across Montana presenting NASA space science to k-12 classrooms.  I hope my students love science as much as I do.  

Before attending the university, I was in the Marine Corps as a Spanish Linguist for four years.  I have lived in Montana most of my life and grew up in Hamilton and Butte.  My husband and I met in the Marine Corps and decided to make Montana our home.  We have two children, Reid and Greyson.  

I love animals and all the great outdoor activities Montana offers...when I don't have my nose stuck in a book.  We have two horses Orion and Artemis as well as a lovable golden retriever named Riggs.  I look forward to working with you all this year. 

What's Happening


Welcome back! I hope everyone's break was relaxing, and everyone is ready to begin again.  DIBELS testing is the first two-three weeks after winter break.  During this time we do not hold title classes as we test every student K-5.  At the end of this time we will review the data and make any changes to our Title I roster.  

On some exciting news, I just received funding of a small grant I put in for on Donors Choose! We are getting 5 yoga type balls for the students during our class.  We currently have one, that is highly desired amongst the students and now they can all have one.  I am very excited and I know the kids will be too! 


Well, December has already come upon us! This year has been flying by.  Reading students have been working hard learning the rules behind syllables and practicing decoding large words.  Our math students have been hard at work really learning to manipulate numbers and understanding the huge role place value has in our number system.  After winter break we will begin our middle of the year benchmark testing.  This is where we test all students K-5 in both reading and math to make sure they are maintaining proficiency.  Title services will not be offered during these 2-3 weeks.  We will re-evaluate our groups and get back to work as soon as we are done.  In other exciting news, Mrs. Dobb will be having her baby soon.  This means I will be starting full time January through March!  I am very excited to be able to work with your children on a daily basis and we feel very fortunate that this means they won't have to get used to a different teacher.  It should be a smooth transition for all.  


Conference time came and went very quickly and we tried to meet as many of the families as we could.  If we missed you and you would like to set up a time to meet us, feel free to call us!  Students are building their fluency and expression through the use of Reader's Theater, we have also been working on how to give a good summary.  If your child is reading at home, as them to give you a brief summary (4-6 main points) of what they read.  It is a skill that will help them throughout their school career and one that needs practice to be efficient at it. 


We are well into the year and students are working hard! We have been meeting with the students daily and love to see their confidence growing.  We are currently piloting(for our class) a program called Bridges Intervention with a couple of our math groups and love what we are seeing.  Please continue reading and practicing math facts at home.  Ask your child about their Lexia login, or contact us, if your child would like to work at home on it.  


We have already begun beginning of the year DIBELS/Acadience testing, these quick couple minute "tests" give us a baseline to see where each student is at and helps us identify areas that a student might be struggling.  It is just one of the many tools we use to help us identify and monitor students that might need a little boost in their academic learning.  


Happy beginning of the school year!! We will start our year with reviewing last year's concepts for your child.  Remember practicing math facts and reading at night with your child will greatly benefit them with their learning.  Keep checking back for updates throughout the year! 

Mrs. White as a 3rd Grader (Yes, I did pick out my own clothes and they are rockin')

and as a 5th grader!!

As a 4th grader

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